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Sale ends Feb 29

$1 to start

Super simple to sign up online

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Option 1:

  • 6 month term

  • Pay only $1 to start




  • Single club access

  • month term 

  • Monthly price begins charging 7 days from membership start date.

Option 2:

  • Month to month

  • No contract




  • Single club acces

  • Month to month term

  • No contract 

For memberships making monthly payments:

  • Memberships are cancelable within 5 days of purchase for a full refund.

  • Facility enhancement fee is $59 and bills 60 days from join date and subsequent to that on every January 25th of every year. Your 60 day facility enhancement fee will be billed upon cancelation if your agreement is cancelled in the first 60 days of starting your agreement.

  • All monthly agreements, member will be charged a monthly administrative service fee of $4.99. However, if member agrees to make payments by electronic debit from a checking account, these fees may be waived upon written request by the member to the email at

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